How to prepare your children for school trips

School trips used to be a highlight of the school year in the pre-pandemic era. Children would count down the days to it. The night before a school trip resembled Christmas eve in some homes but without Santa. ‘Is it tomorrow?’, I remember my daughter asking me about 100 times the night before. The pandemic will pass and school trips will resume. My daughter is now 21 but if, like I used to do, you are looking at the school calendar year ahead as 2020 draws to an end, school trips will be on your radar. Apart from worrying about your child’s safety and the pandemic, the post below is one to keep in your ‘back pocket’, so to speak, for thinking ahead.

A school trip is an exciting experience, but if it’s their first, can be nerve-racking and cause them to be a little stressed. A school trip has many benefits which is why you should encourage your child to go on the trip and to embrace it and enjoy it – as soon as they are on it, they are sure to love it. Some trips may be overnight which could be the first time they stay away from you as a parent and with their friends. It’s an exciting opportunity but one which if they don’t tell you may bother them. Below are tips to prepare your child for UK school trips or any trip for that matter. 

Talk About The Trip A lot

Be excited about the trip with your child. Make sure they know you are pleased that they are going and that you are proud. Talk about the schedule and ask them questions about the trip. Make sure these questions are open question so that they don’t respond with yes dad or no mum. Tell them about the things they will enjoy like going away with their friends, getting to see a certain thing or being able to eat junk food without you telling them not to. Tell them that other kids will be in the same position as they are but that it’s alright. 

Get Prepared For The Trip The Night Before

To build up the excitement of the trip, get ready well in advance and have your child help you get ready. Make sure you pack the correct clothes, bearing in mind what the weather is like and the activities they are doing. Ask them about the activities at the same time so they can get excited about it and know that they have the right stuff packed and ready. As with every trip make sure you pack a spare pair of clothes in case their current clothes get ruined. 

Inform The Teachers Of Any Medical Conditions 

If your child has an illness or certain medical conditions then check the teacher knows of this. There is no harm in reminding your child about their condition and asking them to remind their teacher as well. If they need to take any medication, make sure this is packed and ready to go the night before so that there is no rush in the morning. You will also want to make sure the teacher knows about the dosages or instructions for the medication they take. 

Encourage Your Child To Ask Questions

As with anything in life, the more questions you ask the more you will learn. This is why it’s important you encourage your child to do the same. Ask them questions about the trip and what they are hoping to learn. Remind them to ask questions throughout the trip if they ever have any. Questions are important for your child’s development with the more they ask, the more they will hopefully take in and enjoy the trip more knowing they have learnt something. Just make sure when you ask them you don’t overdo it as you don’t want to come across pushy and put them off asking questions.


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