Complaining is now a ‘Bitch Session’

I may live in Britain where politicians are derided and castigated for much to do with their policies but the political markers of the American politicians seem to be notches against women. The party Communications Director of the Arizona Republican Party, Shane Wikfors, has used the expression ‘bitch session’ to describe a criticism made against the branch party by a donor.

The donor, Kathy Petsas, told the Arizona Republic that ‘extremists’ in the Republican party headquarters ‘…are apparently running amok’. A controversial but intriguing view, perhaps, but isn’t politics about making your views known in public given that there is such a concept as transparency? Also, if she is a donor then one would have thought that she had the right, especially, to question the behavioural traits of the party she was giving money to. Obviously not because her remark was labelled a ‘bitch session’.

Contrary to what the rest of the world thinks about the liberty of America it obviously does not include free speech. A criteria which, obviously, is more stringently applied if the person doing the complaining is a woman otherwise why else would the term ‘bitch session’ be used? If a man had said the same what equivalent contemporary term do you think would have been used – ‘cage fight’? There isn’t an equivalent because the use of the term ‘bitch session’ is a derogatory female specific term of insult. The fact that a woman complains is enough to invoke the insult. The legitimacy of her concerns are lost in the mists of her gender.

Frankly, I think Shane Wikfors was also suffering from a double dose of a dent to his male ego. He blames others, praises himself and uses the utilitarian argument of a greater good (the election). These are typical traits of a wounded male ego.

This is what he said on his blog.

‘Many people will vouch for the fact that I make an effort to get along with everyone in this party. I don’t use the word “RINO.” I give my fellow Republicans the benefit of the doubt and I go out of my way to work with everyone. But my toleration of the backbiters is running out. Fellow Republicans, we have elections to win this fall. We have an election to win tomorrow and if you don’t put your egos aside and get in the trenches, we’re going to lose. It’s as simple as that. And I’ll be one of the first to put the blame you because if you’re not going to be part of the solution, then you are the problem.’



  1. June 17, 2012 / 2:08 pm

    I live in Arizona and the politics here are… well, interesting at best! And frustrating at their worst. Our migrant/immigration/border issues are a humanitarian nightmare!

  2. June 18, 2012 / 4:36 pm

    Dear Tamara,
    It's a thrill to hear from someone who actually lives in the place of this incident. Can you provide an update please of what's happened to this story? I would be so interested to read it.
    many thanks

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