Why Do Women Play These Jealous Games?

In the political corridors of French politics the 1980s film ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ of envy and hatred is being played out through an age old story of female jealousy.

The current partner of the French President, Valerie Trierweiler, put a well heeled boot into the President’s ex-partner’s political chances. Francois Hollande, the President, has four children by Segolene Royale, a very politically able and astute woman. When Segolene stood for the post of speaker of the National Assembly Valerie tweeted her support for the rival candidate, a man. Subsequently he won the election despite Segolene being in the running initially. Apparently, this form of French female jealousy is actually a variation of the overwhelming love and lust that the woman feels towards the slighted man.

French women need to explain this to the rest of the world because the President’s children aren’t speaking to Valerie anymore which leaves for a very discordant household during a time when Francois Hollande is trying to turn the economic debate away from austerity. There are more important things, in other words, than petty stereotypical female envy which uses one upmanship to play cruel games. Once the euphoria of victory has worn off the fall-out debris from one’s actions will resemble a road of broken glass that the victor will have to walk on.

When will women ever learn?


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