My Generation X worry for Generation Z youngsters

My Gen Z daughter

As a baby boomer, intergenerational clashes have always left me feeling uncomfortable. It’s not a comparison of like for like. Some boomers enjoyed free education and received grants too for living expenses while at university. The structural advantages accorded to boomers has changed or disappeared.

Young people are losing jobs, unable to pay their rent, buy food (stockpiling requires extra cash in the bank) and will, probably, face a different employment market when the pandemic passes. Their education has been thrown into disarray.

Is it any wonder that younger people embrace socialism? No doubt, right wingers will accuse them of free wheeling entitlement but that’s just intellect of the low hanging fruit variety. If the way governments have had to implement stimulus packages to cope with the economic fall-out from the pandemic is anything to go by, socialism is quite back in fashion.

Is it time for a universal basic income even if it’s just for Generation Z-ers? Think about it, the jobs market will have contracted by the time the pandemic passes, young people could be chucked out of rented accommodation because landlords may be selling properties to make up financial short falls, and their (GenZ) personal debt may have sky rocketed through having to use credit cards to live off during the pandemic lockdown?

Time for some out of the box thinking by political leaders.


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