Are you suffering from midlife middle class twatness?

I sit in my lovely communal garden everyday. The sun’s been out this week. I have been practising gratitude. Being thankful for what I have and being grateful for it. I have a 12 year old niece who is self-isolating but she is doing ok so far. All things considered, I don’t have anything to complain about under the circumstances.

People are dying. NHS workers are putting themselves at risk all the time. People are confined in tiny spaces 24/7. People are worrying about how to survive financially during this period.

My call to action is to put your worries in perspective. Don’t be a middle class twat. I have seen numerous complaints about people not being able to order their favourite drinks or buy their favourite food. Turn on your tap for a drink. Trying eating foods that you wouldn’t normally eat. Be adaptable and flexible. Draw upon your midlife wisdom and experience to date.

I am not immune either to being a middle class twat lest you think I am being holier than thou. Today I am worrying about whether there is enough space in the freezer to freeze my fruit. I had to beat myself around the head to stop that first world worry. As I am in self isolation, I couldn’t ask the family to beat me around the head. Trying doing it yourself, it’s not easy.

Anyway, keep your worries and fears in context. Having perspective is part of one’s resilience.


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