Remember the old fashioned rotary phone?

In one of those ‘when I was younger’ moments during which you tell (bore) your children about how different things were then, I recounted a story to my daughter about how I used a phone for the first time ever at the age of 7.

I made a call to my father at his work. The call went through a central exchange before being put through to his office. His name was broadcast through the Tannoy System. In those days, phone calls to one’s workplace were only made to relay bad news. My poor father was beside himself with worry. This angst passed me by because I was beside myself with excitement over having used a phone for the first time.

It was, what is now called, a ‘rotary phone’. Sadly, my daughter lost interest half way through my reminisce only to stop me short by exclaiming about how ghastly it must have been to not be able to carry your phone around with you.

In my day having a phone in your home was an exciting thing in itself. Teenagers these days don’t know what they have missed out on. Getting excited when your mobile pings to signal a ‘like’ on your social media is a rather impersonal method of communicating lacking the vibrancy of picking up a rotary phone and wondering who is calling you (no called display).


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