Did You Have A Caesarean Section?

I had a Caesarean Section 12 years ago and apart from suffering acute pain for weeks on end after my daughter’s birth it never occurred to me that I had inadvertently contributed to a fall in the economy. Natural birth, it seems, is a driver of economic growth. Forget stimulus packages, bank bailouts, manufacturing and industrial policies or tax credits as engines of growth.

Economists take note – vaginal deliveries are the new game.

This is the wisdom of the Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, who has caused an uproar by venting his rage against Caesarean births, calling them an “operation” to limit population growth because women who opted for the procedure could not have more than two children. Caesarean births were also a “secret” plot designed to stall Turkey‘s economic growth.

I don’t know if Turkey has a falling population rate the way China does but the PM sees a strong connection between a high birth rate and a growing economy. He wants Turkey to be among the world’s top 10 economies by 2023 when the Turkish Republic turns 100-years-old. He wants families to have at least three children but this figure seems to be a moving goal post. On a visit to Kazakhstan he changed his mind and told the country’s prime minister that Kazakhs should be having five children.

The true plot lies in the use of women’s reproductive rights as a weapon of patriarchal control. I have noticed a creep of anti-Caesarean rhetoric which seems to subtly suggest that it (a C-Section) gives a woman more control over the birth process and therefore is not to be tolerated.


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