When cancer strikes twice in the same family

Late last year I wrote a blog post titled ‘How do you tell your child that Dad has cancer?‘. We were extremely fortunate in that the cancer was caught early enough to be eradicated successfully. A sense of relief had since settled upon us and become really quite embedded in our day to day lives so as to make us falsely ignorant of the fact that cancer could strike again.

It has and this time with another member of the extended family who is very young.

The diagnosis came out of the blue. She was in a dance performance on Friday evening (26 August) and felt weak and faint. It was decided that taking her to A&E would be the best thing to do. Within an hour she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I was out dining with a friend al fresco style by the Thames when I received the call.

Life is full of dramas isn’t it?

The family gathered together this weekend to help look after this lovely child. We are hoping and hoping and praying that she will come through it all. The next four weeks are crucial as to how her body reacts to the chemotherapy.

Life is full of surprises and sometimes these surprises are just blinking unwanted. 


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