Now if Corbyn had sat ON the train THAT would be a story

This so called ‘traingate’ saga really annoys me no end. For those who have missed this non-story, Corbyn alleges that he had to sit on the floor of a train because it was packed and that there were no seats were available. Virgin trains, whose train he was on, have issued a statement alleging that Corbyn was not telling the truth i.e there were seats available but Corbyn chose to sit on the floor. A number of people have verified Corbyn’s version of the journey.

If ever there was a non-story this is it. There are thousands of people up and down the country who will testify to a lack of seats especially when travelling on a Sunday afternoon. Often these seats are reserved with reservation notices stuck into the headrests. You sit in these seats at your peril because if the person whose reservation it is turns up then you are left without a seat. Better to look for an unreserved seat when you board and good luck with finding one of these too.

With the story now running for a number of days anybody would think that Corbyn had done something really silly like sing and dance and sit ON a train.


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