The bookcase is the new backdrop to one’s intellectual standing

The bookcase is the new signifier of which side of the class divide you fall into.

The upper class have libraries, the middle class have bookcases and the working class don’t have access to libraries because austerity took these all away.

The upper class can turn whole rooms into libraries to stock their rare editions, the middle class have enough space to house bookcases and the working class struggle for space because they tend to live in cramped homes.

Books are part of education but universities and schools have had funding cut which extends to cutting back on book buying. A school in New York stopped holding book fairs because books were being stolen by kids whose families couldn’t afford them.

While the powerful show off their bookcases on national TV an invisible debate rages about inequality. Ironically, university students whose staple of life is books now face uncertain employment futures because of the economic upheaval being caused by the Pandemic.

Bookcases are assuming a significance beyond being objects of the national middle class obsession with watching them on TV as backdrops.


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