Does Paternity Leave Lead to Better Sex?

‘Want better sex, dads? Take Paternity Leave’ was the title of a comment piece in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper. I had to re read the title because it never occurred to me that paternity leave is anything other than about the man wanting to spend quality time with his child. Does have to come into everything? Perhaps I am naive and the ‘men think about sex every 7 seconds’ bit includes appraising life’s circumstances as to when to chance it as opposed to spending that time thinking about the act itself.

According to the article, research has shown that couples who share the house work equally rather than adhere to traditional gender divided/assumed roles have a higher satisfaction rate in their marital and sex lives. The writer of the article, Stephanie Coontz, mentions the sex bit in an article otherwise which offers a balanced view of the difficulties that face men when considering paternity leave. The ending however dangles sex as a carrot in the hope that men may just be persuaded to take time off. How strange – I will never understand the psyche of men.


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