Right Wing Women Are Bores

There is something really boring about right wing women who discard feminism. This is because their insolence is always down to the Ayn Rand school of selfishness which makes them think that everything they have accomplished was solely down to them. If feminists had not fought for equal rights and for the vote, you know, basic things that grant women an entry point into the patriarchy then they would not even be able to twat feminism with their imaginary bats.

Take this woman, for instance, who grandstands about her self-empowerment. In her haste to worship at the altar of Adam Smith she cannot give any reasons as to how she accomplished that list she sets out apart from the fact that she did it all on her own. Yet, she still wants a man to care for her and to spoil her. Not so self-sufficient after all. ‘International Women’s Day’ is a chance for those issues which affect women to be highlighted globally, especially those serious life destroying issues like rape and torture in parts of the world where these are used as weapons against women. Frankly, if I were this woman I would have been too embarrassed to write such a vapid article, especially after boasting about my free market credentials. And NO, I am not a Marxist Feminist.


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