What does ’embrace equity’ for mothers look like on International Women’s Day 2023?

On International Women’s Day with its theme of ’embrace equity’ the conversation would not be complete without a recognition of and the inclusion of motherhood.

The ‘motherhood gap’ is a black hole into which ever more increasing inequalities fall. As an example, giving birth ought to be a special time filled with medical care and concern. However, women are still being denied basics such as gas and air.

The debate about whether women can have it all is a rather hollow one when childcare is rapidly becoming a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The high cost of childcare is particularly causing low income mothers to rethink work when the costs outweigh their salaries. Where is the equity for mothers who want to be part of the workforce?

Child friendly spaces are important too for families to be able to socialise as a unit outside the home. While most of us can think of many child friendly places in our neighbourhood, I think that equity will be attained when articles such as ’50 child friendly’ restaurants aren’t needed. That would be a sign that the family unit is a model that is part and parcel of society in the way that couples are embraced by the hospitality industry. I understand the rule about not allowing children into pubs after 9pm. You don’t want rowdy drunken sorts scaring the kids. Apart from this more welcoming spaces would be helpful.

There are actions that we can all take to add our voices to a critical mass seeking change. Consider joining the following organisations:

The Fawcett Society

The Mothers Union

The Young Mums Support Network

Mothers for Mothers



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