Happy Thanksgiving – it is all about health in 2020

It is an understatement to say that 2020 will be defined by the pandemic. Every nook and cranny of our lives this year has been filled with considerations of the Covid 19 virus. Simple acts like going out to the shops or a trip to the hairdresser has been layered with practical considerations such as whether it is safe to enter the confined space of a shop or hairdresser to whether it is open, in the first place.

Along the way, mullings over safety and the need to be indoors morphed into an alternative debate over personal restrictions and infringements of personal liberties. This argument would make anyone living in countries under authoritarian regimes laugh before those inhabitants then convulse with envy at the reality of the difference.

In some Asian countries, people need a permit from the police to visit loved ones and, even then, it has to be for a reason resembling Armageddon before permission is granted.

The virus is still rife. If you are one of the lucky ones, like me, who has not contracted the Covid virus, be thankful. If you have contracted it and have recovered, be thankful. Remember those who didn’t make it. If you have a mask, be thankful because many died earlier this year from a shortage of masks.

I experienced some of the fear associated with Covid last week when my daughter exhibited symptoms. We waited 48 hours for her result. It was negative. In that time, I kept wondering how we would cope if she tested positive. Even if she recovered, would she then suffer from long Covid? I was asking myself all sorts of questions. I stood on the abyss of the Covid crater and it was a scary as hell experience.

On Thanksgiving 2020 day, just be thankful for good health and remember those who are not quite so fortunate.

P/S Thanksgiving may be an American celebratory day but, given Trumpism and its’ global reach, we are all pseudo Americans now united in either hating it (me) or supporting it. On that basis, Happy Thanksgiving.  


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