A short walk a day is better than none

So it is that a second national lockdown beckons in a few days’ time. After getting used to the freedom of being able to go out and live a half-way type of normal life, another lockdown could seem far worse the second time around. You have experienced the joys of normality and lament the fact that it will be gone again, even if for a short time.

The first national lockdown started in Spring. The early dawn and late sunset helped to keep spirits going with the anticipation of the summer that was to come. In contrast, we now have more hours of darkness and the days are growing shorter as winter approaches. It is going to be harder to muster that ‘get up and go’ attitude over activity that involves the outdoors.

I know all about this. Way back in March, I was exercising for two hours a day. Once with a round of Yoga outdoors and the second on my exercise bike at home. In recent time, I have struggled to do 20 minutes a day let alone two hours a day. All I want to do is to curl up and do something far less active like hibernate indoors.

This inactive regime isn’t going to help get me through the next lockdown though. Not to mention that I will be looking like a doughnut by the end of it if I don’t start doing some form of consistent exercise. Being stuck indoors and watching the American news channels’ coverage of the election is not exactly an ideal way to destress either.

It’s easy isn’t it to suffer from a lack of motivation to do things when the weather is cold and dreary outside? Somehow the lack of warmth and light seems to justify one’s motivation deficit but this isn’t a good enough situation to find oneself in. I am just going to have to, literally, pull my socks up and put on my walking shoes and hit the green spaces earlier in the day.

As an idea, I could go for a walk first thing in the morning or at lunchtime. Going for a walk gives one quality thinking time too. I made my best decisions in the summer while walking in the local park. My mental health didn’t suffer much either. I had peaceful solitude then even though the parks were crowded with people, animals and kites that almost took your head off if you didn’t watch where you were walking. By contrast, sitting at home doesn’t give me the same sense of having the cobwebs being blown away.

Do pay attention to your physical and mental needs. Get out once a day even if it’s a walk to the local shops to stock up on loo paper. Take care and stay safe.


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