Fancy playing Solitaire where the Queen is the top card?

It is a game played in royal circles, Prince Albert was a keen Solitaire fan, and it was referenced in Great Expectations, the Charles Dickens novel. History suggests that the earliest record of the game appeared in the late 1700s across Northern Europe and Scandinavia. In all this time, the King has appeared as the top card in Solitaire.

Fast forward to contemporary times where no stone is left unturned in the quest for equality. Solitaire has now been transformed by the modernity of gender equality. has introduced the Equality Playing cards where the Queen is worth more or is, at the very least, equal to the King.

The woman behind this invention is Ainav Renee Weisberg, a feminist living in Israel. Renee, as she prefers to be called, was working as a freelance video editor. The pandemic made her rethink her job strategy. After deciding that she needed a more stable paying job strategy, she applied to Solitaire Bliss to become part of the team.

After joining the company in August, Renee questioned the status quo of why the King was always the prime card with the Queen coming second. ‘Maybe it’s because my feminist view has grown stronger and with the years, It seemed crazy to me’, she says.

Feminism is nothing if not about wanting to pass on better examples to younger females.

Renee felt moved to do something about levelling the gender inequality in the game. ‘Thinking of all those little girls learning to play cards and just taking the Queen being second to the King for granted, I just had to do something,’ she says.

After pitching the idea of the Equality Cards to the company, Solitaire Bliss encouraged Renee to give it a go. That is how the Equality Cards came into being.

In Equality Cards, the Queen gets prime position in two revised modes of play:  

  1. Queen first – the Queen replaces the king as the highest-ranking card;
  2.  Equality – The King and Queen become equal and share the numbers 12 and 13 instead of the letters Q and K. 

This mode applies to all the games on the site. Players have the option of changing to one of these modes at any stage of their play.

The news concentration in recent time has been on women becoming gamers in the video industry but introducing the Queen as the prime card in Solitaire is a first gender equality grab in the online card game industry.

After decades of being a male dominated industry, the gamer world is now one that attracts women too. In 2019, it was stated that nearly half of all gamers globally are women. There are now an estimated one billion girl gamers in the world. Even in heavily male-dominated Asian societies, female gamers are becoming popular.

Renee is delighted that she has been able to make a difference in the online world of Solitaire games. In this pandemic world where much more of our time is being spent online, it makes sense to use the internet even more so as a tool for change. People all around the world have an attachment to the game and the introduction of a gender level playing field can only enhance one’s experience of the game.


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