Mothers with something to say? Open Mic Session on 20 January

Make your views known at an Open Mic session which I am holding on 20 January in Central London for mothers with something to say about how their lives are being affected by politics. How are austerity policies affecting you? Are you having difficulty getting an appointment with your GP for you or your child? Are the NHS cuts having a debilitating effect on your life? Are you worried about the quality of education that your child is getting? Do you have a disability or a chid with a disability and are struggling to access help? You may have something else to talk about.

I founded a group called ‘Mothers for Progressive Alliance’ with the backing of Compass, a left-wing think tank. The launch event was held in November 2018. The Open Mic session is the next step in giving mothers’ a say on what it is that affects them and how a Progressive Alliance can offer solutions.

The event will be held in an open and democratic manner in a supportive, friendly and safe setting. Children are most welcome. There is also wheelchair access.

There will be speakers on how the education system is failing girls and how the legal system stigmatises mothers in custody cases. Come and add your voice.

Details: Saturday 20 January 11am to 1pm. No 108, Doreen Ramsey Court, The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN.  Refreshments will be provided.


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