Baby Girls-who wants them?

Eleven years ago, just before I gave birth to my daughter, the Sunday Times carried an article about how baby girls were being left in forests to die. A photograph accompanied this article and the proof was appalling. Little baby girls were sitting in steel pails left to die. In the intervening years Globalisation has given the impression of the situation improving for citizens everywhere by increasing awareness of human life and suffering and offering a more distributive way of living. I could strike myself for being so naive because recent reports indicate that Gendercide is on the increase in other East Asian countries. According to the Economist, ‘wealth does not stop it’. Ancient prejudices still linger against baby girls and urgent action is needed. What worries me is that less and less women seem to be entering public life for this is the arena which acts as a global showcase for the talents of women. If we don’t have more visibility amongst achieving females and if people don’t learn to value girls the demographics for the world could be devastating.


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