Is the church a man’s world?

I am standing for election to the House of Laity, General Synod, as an ‘inclusive’ candidate. As the name of my blog suggests I want to see gender barriers broken down so my daughter can grow up in a world of true equality. We are Christians and it saddens and grieves me that the Church, which is meant to be the font of all humanity, still hasn’t reached a unanimous position on the issue of women Bishops. Am I to tell my daughter that she can aspire everywhere else but not in the place where we worship God because God doesn’t want her? Opponents to the issue water down the equality issue by labelling it as ‘feminism’, as if that word were interchangeable with ‘scarlet woman’. I hope to win the election to be able to add my voice to the growing clamour calling on the Church to extend a gospel message of inclusivity to people.


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  1. October 6, 2010 / 7:53 am

    Great idea for a blog. Definitely think that politics is an important sphere for mums to engage with – witness the recent hoo hah about child benefit. Similarly I think the church can only benefit from the involvement of more women at senior level. Good luck with the election.

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