Stop Waiting: A New Day for Learning

Learning starts at home. The sooner ‘learning’ is seen as a pervasive process that begins at birth the more adept we will become at producing well skilled children to take up the challenges of formal education and the working world. The orthodoxy of the provision of education must be challenged. It can’t be seen as something provided only within a school, college or university. Education is an ongoing process. Witness a baby trying to grab a finger. Watch a child counting pebbles on the beach. Children are born with a natural curiousity for learning. This must be fostered by the parents and the support network of grandparents etc. However, life isn’t a level playing field and many parents don’t have the ability to foster and nurture intellectual curiousity. This is where state programmes come into play. The education of both parents and children must be undertaken with a vigour that matches the requirements of the state for a well qualified future generation of young adults. Vital within this is the ability to operate new media becuase it, almost literally, opens up a whole new world.
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