Passing the virus on does NOT count as a Christmas present

One would hope that the Pandemic would have knocked some common sense into people but the world of Trumpism which discounts reality exists beyond the confines of America’s boundaries, sadly. There are people who don’t believe that the virus is real. There are people who think that the NHS is involved in some big cover up and that there are loads of empty hospital beds languishing. How beds ‘languish’ is beyond me but I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am also not about to provide links to these sites. You can Google them if you are interested. I digress. The point is you may think that the biggest Christmas present that you can give to family and friends is your company or vice versa. However, just for this year, rethink your strategy and realize that your company in another’s home or having too many people in your home could be dangerous. This is not about exercising your right to socialise as you wish. It is about remembering the word ‘transmission’. The virus transmits through people. It does not care about your rights. Please click on this link to watch this clip from Channel 4 News.

Here is the link again:


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