What Do Working Mothers Need?

I started off my morning like many other mornings with a delayed train and subsequent bus journey to work which meant that I got into work late. This happened yesterday too and the journey took 35 minutes longer than it ought to have. The only upside to a longer journey is that I get to read my newspaper, The Guardian, in full but even this silver lining is not silver enough to compensate for a delayed start to one’s work.

What a working mother needs is a proper transport infrastructure that does not let her down with a regularity which makes her grind her teeth before even getting into the office where she then has to fight for equal pay, advancement opportunities and the scourge of ‘presenteeism’ which makes people think that you are skiving if you are not actually sitting at a desk in the office (thus negating the whole concept of ‘flexible working’).

With so much emphasis on productivity in our economy and endless debates about why it’s low I would suggest that transport or a deficiency in the transport system is a contributing factor of productivity. Whenever there’s a transport workers’ strike the press and politicians are in uproar about how the economy has been brought to a standstill for ONE day yet people are getting into work late everyday which negatively drip feeds productivity levels if measured in time units.


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