Are You a ‘Lazy’ Mother who Feeds her Child Instant Noodles?

The mother police are out again and this time in India. The sales of Maggi (made by Nestle India) noodles has been banned in 13 states by the ruling party called Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The reason for this ban is because “the new generation of mothers are lazy, hence they feed their children on Maggi”. 

Hands up those of you who have given your children instant noodles? I would put up my hand if I could but that would prevent me from typing this blog post. Heck, when I resorted to throwing a pack of noodles into boiling water it was because I: (A) couldn’t be bothered to cook a meal from scratch; and (B) it was also done when I was short of time and my daughter still had to be fed. Option A, by the BJP’s premise, makes me a lazy mum and, under option B, I am still being a lazy mum. 

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In other words, the Indian mother police have made every real life experience of cooking noodles a sort of crime. While cooking noodles does not seem have been classed as a crime, the moral aspersion cast may as well convict you. So, even if your cat was drowning and you had to rush out and save it before taking it to the vet to have it checked out, came home exhausted and trembling you still would not be able to cook noodles because of the moral magnitude that lies behind the ban. 

Much like the big lottery hand that used to feature in ads with a booming voice going: “It’s you” the stigma of cooking noodles will jar your conscience and you will go to sleep thinking “it’s me, I am a bad mother”.

In a country with great inequality where poor children scrounge in dustbins for food I would have thought that a ruling party would have bigger pressing concerns to deal with than the oppression of mothers through a food ban. 


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  1. September 19, 2015 / 8:27 pm

    My teenage kids fill up on noodles, hey scoff them after school and on weekends and in the holidays, so what? So long as they get some vegies and important stuff they don't need a "perfect" diet and it's not a main meal. The idea kids need three perfectly home cooked meals a day is madness, it would tie mummy dearest to the cooker and the sink al day long.

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