The Failure of Higher Education

The traditional way of viewing education was to regard it in two halves: (1) school was about getting the grades that were good enough to get you into university; and (2) University was about gaining the right degree with the right final result to enable the graduate to apply for a well paying secure job. Globalisation has changed this traditional model of education. We now need graduates who are able to possess adaptable skills to cope with a changing marketplace but, at the same time, universities aren’t there to provide remedial teaching for undergrads who didn’t pick up the basic skills of thought analysis, spelling, punctuation etc. Therefore, there is a downward pressure on schools to provide a better quality of education that will enable children to enter university equipped with the ability to engage in intellectual and innovative thought and debate.

Is that happening? No, it isn’t because a university degree is seen as a universal benefit now. Everyone is taught to believe that they can do a degree. While ideologically this may be sound and desirable, the argument fails to advance the basic tenet that skill and application is required by a student in copious amounts to gain a degree. I also blame the universities who have cashed in on the aspirations of many but offer a low level of education in return which ill equips graduates for a competitive market place environment. It makes a mockery of education.
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