Don’t ‘White select’ my experience of racism

This morning I watched Piers Morgan on TV lecturing/hectoring two Black men about how what they think and experience as racism is, simply, not true in his esteemed White opinion. Piers Morgan was speaking over the men in what was meant to have been a discussion on the Raheem Sterling issue.  Good old Piers, he […]

Are dead American Presidents beyond reproach?

Is there ever a right time to criticise a dead person? Should a reasonable amount of time pass before critics start eulogies that don’t smell of roses? Are public figures open season whether dead or alive? The same questions arose when Nelson Mandela died.¬†As America and the world says farewell to George Bush senior, the […]

Putting context around sexism doesn’t make it better A prestigious sporting prize is awarded to a female footballer for the first time. At the awards ceremony, she is asked about her dancing talent instead. Not only is she asked some innocuous comment about her dancing but the comment is sexually laced. This is what happened when Ada Hegerberg¬†went up on stage to […]

Does fawning over Nick Clegg still have a place in the party?

Nick Clegg may be out of formal politics but he remains a figure who either draws anger or admiration. There is no middle way with Nick despite his strong stance on seeing centrism as being the only sensible way in politics. This binary choice in liking or disliking him is very much still evident in […]