Infantilising politicians as bickering children is not helpful to understanding Brexit

Part of responsible citizenry is to understand the issues that concern you so as to be able to cast your vote in an informed manner. From my conversations with numerous people across the political spectrum I keep hearing one thing that almost plays like a stuck record. it is, ‘They should “stop fighting among themselves” and “get on with it”.

The straw which broke my camel’s back happened yesterday when my hairdresser trotted out the same lines. I was restrained in my reply and took the opportunity to get her to understand that the politicians aren’t ‘bickering or fighting’. I explained that it only comes across that way because each party has a different position.

What people don’t seem to get is the concept of ideology in politics. A failure to grasp even the basics is self-defeating. People seem to think that politics is something that happens ‘out there’ and is not something that affects their sphere of life and work.

The hairdresser hadn’t clocked that Brexit, whether you are pro or against it, will affect everyone of us. She classed it as ‘politics’ and complained about how her family spend far too much time thinking about something that “doesn’t affect them”.

The ‘get on with it’ mentality creates a self-inflicted bubble in itself because it leaves sole responsibility in the politician’s hands. It is a narrative that feeds into enabling politicians to tell lies and to get away with it for the sake of ‘getting on with it’.

Infantilising poiticians and politics has become almost a cliche reaction to Brexit. It is a dangerous game. It is a game played by politicians too. In 2010 questioning austerity and challenging it was deemed to be childish politics even by a Liberal like Nick Clegg. Nine years later the effects of austerity are being seen everyday in a negative way.

People ought to take control, become informed and stop giving away their personal power at election time by using phrases like ‘get on with it’. It is an abdication of responsibility to reduce politics to a level that equates it to children bickering.


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