The proletariat is fighting back

A friend of mine who has never been interested in politics, ever, has asked me whether she can accompany me to the next march I attend. Another friend has been asking me to explain Jo Swinson’s decision because she cannot understand why an anti-Brexit party wouldn’t contemplate any move to stop it. She is rethinking her decision to vote for the Lib Dems again.

These are my personal anecdotes and I may only have two instances to talk about but there is a groundswell of people attempting to take politics back. Fightbacks may have always happened but what is markedly different is the protest movement that is growing in countries associated with Liberal Democracies. Look at what is happening in Kashmir, Hong Kong and France.

The disconnect is real between the people and the ruling classes. Those who protest and risk being injured or killed or thrown into jail carry on regardless. Their literal fight for a better life is THE fight for democracy.

Overarching authorities like the EU and the UN seem to be rather powerless. Many of the countries that are members are ‘illiberal democracies’ like Hungary.

I wonder what form of political system it is that would work, going forward, in stamping out racism, authoritarianism and political corruption. Is there any means left of safeguarding the political checks and balances in Liberal Democracies when talk of proroguing Parliament takes hold as a mainstream thought and Presidents are free to stoke racial hatred which could destabilize the fabric of society? The true meaning of democracy seems, for the moment, to reside in the proletariat who are protesting to keep it alive.


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