Does size matter in the American election?

The fact that a presidential election is taking place has become a mere sideshow to the squabbles between the Republican candidates. What started off last year as challenges to each other’s election promises has, in the last 24 hours, descended down to the grand old macho level display of ‘whose is bigger?’ 

Donald Trump has hit back at Marco Rubio’s comments about Trump having small hands. The supposed slur about having small hands was meant, apparently, to be an innuendo about other body parts being small and I am not talking about the size of belly buttons. Trump hit back by telling the world that he can guarantee that there is absolutely no problem in that department. 

What does the size of a dick have anything to do with foreign policy, health care etc, you get my drift. Americans who live by the Constitution, especially when it comes to defending the possession and use of guns must, surely, by now have realised that size does not figure in the constitution. 

The level of bragging suggests to me a reckless and arrogant attitude towards one of the highest offices in the world. The post of president carries an enormous amount of responsibility, to state the obvious, and boys who resort to playground or locker room tactics need to go play elsewhere and not take to the podiums to shout about how satisfactory their xxx is. 


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