Rousseau and Brexit

The French philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, whose works were greatly influential in shaping the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, said the following: “A nation must have a navel, and if it has not got one, we must start by inventing one.”

While this was said in the context of nationalism and has been used by great sociologists like Anthony Smith in discussions and works on nationalism, taken as a thought on its’ own it does aptly describe behaviour by Brexiters who concoct fantasy on an almost daily basis to shore up their flimsy arguments.

The whole Brexit referendum was artificially premised on the question of sovereignty.  In reality, it was a Tory party manoeuvre to grab votes from UKIP . It was the Tory basic instinct to move further to the right once Cameron had had enough time to abandon his pretence of ‘Compassionate Toryism’ or whatever nonsense it was called.

Then we had the NHS £350 million fiasco followed by endless navel gazing.

Blundering and bumbling Boris Johnson had the temerity this week to compare the process of the congestion charge in London between boroughs with the Irish border political situation. Boris excels at inventing Hans Christian Andersen type fantasies in his quest to find his own navel.

So folks, does Britain have a navel or are Brexiters rapidly inventing one?  I opt for the latter.


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