The Epstein Conspiracy theories will long continue

Rich man who ‘facilitated’ sleazy and sordid parties (or whatever euphemism), Jerry Epstein, is found dead in his solitary cell while awaiting an uber high-profile trial at which some household names were, allegedly, to be ‘unmasked’. There is a Maxwell offspring involved in all this. Her father, Robert Maxwell, died in mysterious circumstances which spawned various conspiracy theories as an event in itself.

The President of America starts tweeting furiously blaming the ‘Clintons’ in what could be seen as a deflection exercise. This trended on Twitter as #clintonbodycount. Deflection from the fact that his name has been closely linked to Epstein. In any situation that involves even tepid waters, never mind hot water, Donald Trump immediately blames somebody else and this often turns out to be the Clintons.

Trump himself was accused of being involved and this manifested itself on Twitter as #trumpbodycount.

Bill de Blasio, the New York mayor, said it was “way too convenient” that Epstein could no longer incriminate others. This was picked up on Twitter as referring to some sort of conspiracy.

At this point it would be almost worth laying a bet that Netflix or Hollywood is looking at making a movie about Epstein’s life and death and the conspiracy theories. It is, after all, part of human nature to look into the probabilities and improbabilities of any situation that appears to have taken a turn contrary to expectation. The expectation here was that Epstein would turn up for his trial and disclose long held secrets that would blow open the lid on the rich and famous.

Actually, this curiosity even extends to those who are not rich and famous. More than 10 years ago the owner of the local video shop (remember those?) disappeared overnight. The police were called. They broke into the shop and his flat. Rumour has it that he absconded owing rent on the property and had fled to Chile. Why does everyone who flees flee to South America by the way? Nice weather, good food, Samba bands, Salsa dancing, lax extradition laws?

Epstein was found dead on Saturday morning, 10 August, at 6.30am when the guards did their morning round. He was supposed to have been checked on every 30 minutes but that process didn’t happen the night before. The New York Times today mentions the fact that conspiracy theorists have latched on to their fact that Epstein was killed to stop him from incriminating others. These ‘others’ allegedly are: ‘Over the years, Mr. Epstein’s social circle had included dozens of well-known politicians, business executives, scientists, academics and other notables, including President Trump, former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of Britain and Leslie H. Wexner, the retail billionaire behind Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.’ (Source: NYT)

The first conspiracy theory that I recall was the ‘Who Shot JR?’ cliff hanger from the TV hit series Dallas. It must have been before the days of international financiers and accelerated globalisation flows of people and money because the pool of suspects were all, either, Dallas based or Southfork (JR’s home) based. Amazing when you consider that JR was one of the richest men in the American oil industry.

Life isn’t so parochial anymore and drama and theories will continue years from now about Epstein’s death. Let’s hope that his misdemeanours will be remembered and that his victims will still receive justice and closure. The last thing that ought to happen is for his death to attain some sort of undeserved poignancy about the lack of justice for victims of abuse.


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