The 4.1 miles of human plight

This documentary titled ‘4.1 Miles’ centres on a Coast Guard on the island of Lesbos in Greece battling to save refugees at risk from drowning at sea. It won the ‘David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award’ at the 2016 IDA Documentary Awards.

With the super elite gathering for their annual networking event in Davos it doesn’t hurt to remember that people are suffering and dying almost every day in watery graves in search of a good life. The super elite networks probably have the combined power to do something but never seem to.

The EU’s primary concern seems to be over stopping the refugees from reaching their shores even if it endangers them.

Nestled among the Davos elites will be people whose actions and decisions led to the types of decisions which have resulted in the crisis of refugees fleeing en masse. These would be arms traders, arms dealers and politicians whose votes depend on winning the populists.

Refugees flee wars. Wars are man made. Man always has a vested interest. The powerful have a monopoly on vested interests.


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