Having to compromise is a pain

One has reached a certain age in one’s life and one is fed up of compromising. In plain English, I don’t want to compromise anymore and want things my way. Is that so unreasonable? All I am doing is reflecting the tone and substance of Brexit, which is the dominant factor in all our lives in Britain.

A no compromise stance was on full display by our MEPs at the European Parliament on the first day of sitting yesterday. The Brexit party MEPs decided to turn their derrieres into protest symbols. The Lib Dems wore Yellow t-shirts emblazoned with their slogan ‘Bollocks to Brexit’. There is no middle ground between the two.

No compromise is the mood of the nation. No compromise is the parlance of politicians too. Life has become a zero-sum game. Who blinks first. Instead of living in uncertainty people know what they want and refuse to blink. Everyone thinks that they are right. Compromise in the quest for unity isn’t appealing.

I am a Remainer and always will be. I don’t wish to compromise on a so-called ‘good deal Brexit’. For me, Brexit is Brexit and a ‘good deal’ will simply be a dressing up by Tory and Labour politicians of the Brexit mannequin.

A second referendum won’t be a compromise though because people who hold strong views about Brexit will vote the same way, surely. If a whole generation has come of voting age who are pro-Europe then that’s the demography of democracy. That isn’t compromise.

To shift my position would mean that I was buying into the lies and fantasy constructions of Brexit by people like Boris Johnson. No thanks. I am going to carry on being a grumpy Asian Remainer.


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