When forgetfulness gets the better of you

When forgetfulness gets the better of me I take it as a sign to slow down these days. A cluttered life results in a cluttered mind. Way too much multi-tasking can result in multi-disasters. While I have never literally missed the boat I have, metaphorically, done so a number of times.

Slowing down is something that I actually find hard to do on a normal basis but am forced to when things get too much. My to-do list is always unrealistically long and packed. There is so much that I want to accomplish in mid-life and I get frustrated when I can’t tick everything off my list at the end of the week.

Having said that I have finally learnt to take steps to slow down because it is easier, to state the obvious, to accomplish things with a less hectic mindset. These days my to-do list is a leaner version of my previous template which had things like ‘do the washing’ or ‘do the hoovering’.

My mid-life to-do list is one of aspiration instead and filled with new perspectives. As an example, I have been wanting to start a Vlog for some years. I finally took the first steps and attended a course on Vlogging at City Lit University yesterday. Watch out for my Vlogs, by the way.

Life’s perspectives change as one gets older. Life without full-blown stress is a life that is more enjoyably lived.

Here are some tips for slowing down:

  1. Taking up mindfulness
  2. Pare your to-do list down to only those items which you absolutely need to do to keep you going mentally and physically at optimum level.
  3. Go for walks even if it’s around your local neighbourhood. I have started doing this and have discovered green spaces.
  4. Find pleasure in new things. I have started cooking Vegan dishes as an alternative to meat curries and am feeling fitter.
  5. One thing at a time rather than multi-tasking.


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