Sleeping with the TV on leads to a sugar craving

Taken from ‘Picfair’

Most of us have a guilty pleasure and mine, sometimes, is to fall asleep with the TV on. It often happens during Question Time. That is not because I find it a yawningly boring programme. Rather the opposite, I hate missing it but sometimes am not able to keep awake past 11pm.

I suffer from FOMO in a big way. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym it stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. While many will think that missing Question Time on a Thursday night is a blessing, I am a glutton for punishment despite it raising my hackles whenever the right winger panelist speaks up. The audience reaction and the reactive tweets are entertainment in themselves though. (Yes, I can be a sad person.)

My compromise to these FOMO moments which involve the television is to keep it on while I nod off. Not such a perfect compromise, after all. This can make me crave sugary stuff and add on the pounds.

According to the American based organisation, The National Institutes for Health, sleeping with any light coming off a device can mess up your metabolism and lead to weight gain. Too much exposure to nocturnal light interferes with your system because your body needs to be able to recognise night and day to maintain a 24-hour body clock.

Our body clock regulates metabolism, sleep-promoting hormones, blood pressure and other bodily functions. Apparently, there is research to suggest that a disruption to that sleep-wake cycle contributes to poor health, increasing risks for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and obesity.

So turn off all your devices, snuggle under your duvet and lie back and think about your Circadian Rhythms.


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