I am so proud to be the first Malaysian to appear on a Brit Reality TV Show

I had the honour of being interviewed by Malaysia’s number 1 blogger and investigative journalist Mariam Mokhtar about my involvement with the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Mums Make Porn’. I was one of the five mums featured. You will find a number of articles on this under the category of ‘Mums Make Porn’ on this blog.

The foremost reason why I took part in the show was to help me and other parents start a conversation with their children about the proliferation of online porn. Please watch the video especially if you are a parent who finds it difficult to talk to your kids about sex, in the first place. I was a reticent parent myself.

Parents are the first educators. We teach our kids how to eat, dress themselves, how to speak, about manners and, later, we prepare them for the long school years and beyond. Yet, we find it so difficult to talk to them about human sexuality.

This is the main barrier that I sought to address.


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