Summer Introspection

Photos in this blog taken by Salvatore Rapicano

Something happened about three weeks ago which has triggered a level of depression within me that I have not experienced in some time. Without going into details so as to bore my readers it is sufficient to say that sometimes you reach for the stars and are given short shrift.

The sun’s out, the serotonins are meant to be high and, much as I love the hot weather, my mood is low and my inner spark is only dimly lit at the moment. What is irritating is the way people keep telling me to be positive. Being positive has become the new religion and seems to have replaced Yoga for now. If you aren’t positive then you are blamed for your state of unhappiness.

Something has happened in society whereby individual blame has been elevated to new heights under the banner of ‘Positivism’.

We live in an interconnected world where our experiences are highly shaped and determined to some extent by external forces. Positivism isn’t a disembodied concept that can be magicked out of thin air. One can only fight against all sorts of bloody challenges before retreating emotionally for a while to lick one’s wounds before resurfacing again.

I am trying to regain the smile that I had in the photo above taken by Salvatore who did a great job in supplying the photos for my revamped blog.



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