Be the person who stops to listen during Loneliness Awareness Week

It is the start of ‘Loneliness Awareness Week’. Looking through the Twitter feed, most articles offer advice on how to break out of the loneliness space but what is lacking is advice to stop and listen if someone who is lonely is reaching out to you.

Perhaps there is someone who has been trying to reach out to you and you have been, either, too busy to stop and chat or too preoccupied to notice. It may be a member of your family, a friend or a neighbour. You may have failed to notice that someone whom you see regularly e.g your favourite Barista is looking rather down and could do with some words of kindness.

We live in an individualistic society where everyone is told to take responsibility for themselves. The self-help industry advises and suggests strategies for people who are feeling lonely/depressed on how to make things better for themselves. It is a situation that largely doesn’t touch on the interconnections of human living.

It takes two to tango. People aren’t islands of beings. We live in an interconnected world. Being interconnected involves more than just saying ‘hi’. Relationships aren’t transactions.

Look around you. There could be someone who needs a bit of emotional support. Extend your hand and interconnect in a meaningful way.


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