How and what to follow in the mid-term American elections

Results of the American mid-term election are expected to start coming in from midnight UK time. Various media outlets will be covering the results; The Guardian is doing a live blog; The Telegraph is doing a live blog: C-Span is doing a live stream; MSNBC can be watched here on a time delay; fivethirtyeight is predicting that the Democrats will take the House of Representatives and is providing live coverage;  Sky News will be doing a live election night special from 11pm hosted by Adam Boulton and the BBC is doing a special election night result from midnight on the TV news channel.

Individual results to watch out for are:

Georgia – Democrat Stacey Abrams is standing against Republican Brian Kemp. Stacey Abrams is hoping to be the America’s first Black female Governor. Allegations have been made of voters being disenfranchised to benefit the Republican party. The New York Times will be tracking the results here.

Florida – Democrat Andrew Gillum is running against Republican Ron DeSantis. Florida is always a closely fought state. It voted for Clinton, Obama and Trump. It’s a weather vane state of sorts.

New York’s 14th Congressional District – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was once a waitress and is now a political star in the Democrat party. She is on the left of the party and, while popular with a certain type of voter, is viewed as an outsider by traditional Democrats.

Swing states as follows:


There has not been a mid-term election in America like this one to follow simply because the results will be an indicator of how Americans view Donald Trump’s racist, volatile and unorthodox presidency. Currently, the Republicans hold both houses and Democrats are stymied in their efforts to invoke change.

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs.

In the Senate, 35 of the 100 seats are up for grabs.

Governors are being chose in 36 out of 50 states.

Republicans currently hold control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.


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