What do disabled people need in the workplace?

There is no doubt that something or lots of things are needed to facilitate the entry of disabled person into the workplace. This is because having a disability does not rob a person of having aspiration, aims and the ambition to work for their living. The link between welfare and disability is not a universal application to all persons with disabilities.

The Chief Executive of Radar, a charity for disabled persons, Liz Sayce says that at the current rate of progress it would take until 2070 for the employment rate for disabled people to catch up with the rate for non-disabled people. About 53% of disabled people are unemployed or working below their potential. So what is needed to speed up the process of employment?

Liz Sayce says that individualised support, mentoring and role models are key to success. I notice that debates about equality and fair access revolve around the concept of poverty which involves an assumption that everybody is non-disabled. A change in such assumptions is needed before progress can be made.


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