Trump acknowledges that Liberal Democrats are the ‘smartest’ people

Don’t believe me? Read the tweet below. Liberals,  it must be universally acknowledged, spend a heck of a lot of time investing in building up a bank of knowledge. We read, we write and we like to be challenged. We attend numerous political events and lectures (I love the LSE’s evening talks). Not for us the stupid sweeping statements such as, “I am a stable genius”, without actually being able to prove this.

It would be so much easier to be a stark raving bonkers right -winger. All they do is indulge in sound bites – ‘Make America Great Again’. What the hell does that mean? Trump’s supporters swallow it hook, line and sinker and chant it like Hollywood produced Zombie clones without questioning what it means.

Liberals would want to know whether it carries a ‘subjective’ or ‘objective’ meaning? Does it cover housing issues and would it stop the privatisation of essential services? What does ‘Great’ mean and look like?

No wonder Liberal Democrats are mentioned as smart people.

P/S: Dr Trump, the uncle, died in 1985 before the fall of the Berlin Wall which changed the global nuclear agenda. If Donnie Trump credits his uncle for his nuclear knowledge then we have even more reason to have fear because there is a long gap in the President’s knowledge of events and international relations.



  1. David Evans
    July 15, 2018 / 12:04 am

    “We like to be challenged,” I’m not at all sure about that these days.

    On several occasions I have found that if you point out a problem that has to be overcome to make some dearly wished for Lib Dem aim to be successful, the default reaction by so many Lib Dems is to attack the person. You’re being too negative. You’re a doom monger. You’re sexist. Your facts are not relevant. I have been told all these things by good Lib Dems, for just pointing out facts and trying to get people to engage with the problems we face. Hardly ever have I had a robust debate with someone about the issue at hand.

    The prime example was coalition. Every Lib Dem wanted it to be a success. The fact that Nick’s approach led to our near destruction is still a total no-no for most Lib Dems to accept and discuss. But here we are eight years after the tuition fees disaster and we are still at 7% to 10% in the polls – in Dec 2010 we were in the 8% to 13% range. The last General election was actually worse in share of the national vote terms than 2015 – 2010 was 23%; 2015 was 7.9% and 2017 7.4%.

    We have the most disfunctional Government is living memory, and as extreme a left wing Labour opposition as there has been. But we are still almost totally ignored. However say “We are still going nowhere (except ever closer to Brexit) and we have to identify what went wrong and change, or our party and its values will cease to exist as a parliamentary force”. Just see the reaction – Denial. Disdain. No reply. Removal of posts from Blogs. Sometimes just outright censorship.

    I fear too many of us still want to believe we did a good job and it’s just a question of the public realising it. I’m afraid being a Lib Dem is much, much harder than that.

    Likewise in this article – We like to believe we are so much cleverer than the others – particularly the Tories and UKIP. However, the Tories nearly annihilated us in 2015 and no-one (or almost no-one) did anything to stop them. And for UKIP, they packed up with Mission Accomplished, and only May’s continuing incompetence and Tory infighting has given us the slightest chance of stopping it.

    If you measure intelligence in terms of achieving what you want over a sustained period (for example a period long enough to “build and safeguard a fair, free and open society”), stupid seems to be much closer to the truth much too often to be comfortable.

  2. July 16, 2018 / 10:32 pm

    Not every Lib Dem wanted the Coalition to be a success, I opposed it from the beginning along with 20% of the Party. I anticipated it would be a disaster to link up with the devious Tories and that is what happened. The Party needs to change its silly name that normal people do not understand what the words mean and get a short name that better describes our policy and ordinary voters can understand and support. We should also get rid of airy- fairy policies and focus on the needs and troubles of the ordinary voter. At least our Leader has focussed on a clear policy at present – Stop Brexit – and many not only understand it but support it. Even a Tory Justine Greening wants a Second Referendum to Stop Brexit. If this carries on we may even have the worse disaster of Independent Scotland.
    Admittedly we still have the problem of lacking a supportive press and Labour stealing our Working Class vote in 1922. Logically the Left should combine to destroy the Tories completely and then compete to govern the Country for the best.
    It is unfortunate that much of Rural England still thinks it is living under the feudal society of a Norman Conquest and its class prejudice.

    • David Evans
      July 17, 2018 / 5:33 pm

      Donald, there is a world of difference between believing or indeed knowing that it would fail as the late lamented David Rendel did and so opposing coalition from the very start on the one hand and not wanting it to be a success on the other.. Only someone who wanted the party’s main objective over the previous 40 years to collapse around it would want coalition to fail. Surely no true Lib Dem would want that. Would you?

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