I don’t wish to be a cog in a herd

A right wing ideology of individualism which has driven British politics is now advocating an ideology of ‘togetherism’. We can all only beat the dreaded Corona virus if we herd together, supposedly. We are supposed to work together on the Utilitarianism principle, predicated on large crowds, ‘for the greater good of everyone’. However, implicit in the ‘herd mentality’ is an inbuilt almost certain risk that some will die. That ‘some’ who will die could be you, me, my family or your family. My Social Democratic principles don’t extend to this type of bonding. A far greater accurate explanation of herding together to beat the Corona Virus would be the Malthusian principle, in my view. A consequence of a Malthusian application would result in far less strain on the national health service. Call me cynical.


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