Interesting links on Lib Dem success at the local elections

Patrick English works on the BBC’s election reporting team and posted the graph on Twitter.

Jo Swinson was on the BBC election programme overnight and did extremely well in setting out the party’s pro-Remain position. She managed the spectacular task of treading a line between not being overly optimistic about the party’s success ahead of the votes coming in while still being enthusiastic about the party’s stance. Good job Jo. Read it here.

Drum roll please for the recognition that Vince Cable is finally getting for staunchly refusing to budge from the pro-Remain position he has steadfastly held. Vince told ‘Politics Home’ that, “With over half the seats still to declare…party were the “big winners” of the night”. You can read more here.

Party’s success is called a ‘stonker’ by the Local Government Chronicle. You can read it here.

For once, I disagree with Owen Jones who says, “As for the Lib Dems, that their revival is being presented as sensational is more indicative of just how far into the abyss the party fell. ” It is a sensational revival and not just to do with a bounce back from having been in the coalition. You can read more here.

Lib Dems are the big winners of the night, the FT quotes Vince Cable in a write up. You can read it here.

Taken off the BBC’s website at 13.30pm today

For rolling coverage of results still coming in click here.


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