A round up of global news on the Corona Virus

An interesting round up of articles on the Corona Virus from around the world

‘Is there any good news about the Coronavirus pandemic?’

Harvard Health injects some hope into the ever increasing bad news about the spread of the virus. It’s an article that introduces the philosophy of a seeing the silver lining even in a pandemic that is killing thousands of people. The good news lies in the fact that most people who contract the virus recover from it; children fare better even when infected; countries which first experienced the onslaught of the virus are reporting lower rates; the internet offers a means of social interaction in the absence of human touch; if countries adopt a lessons learnt attitude future responses will be better informed; and people are clubbing together.

‘If I get Corona, I get Corona’

College students in Miami refuse to bow to global calls for restrictive living by carrying on their lives as usual. In a report in The Hill, students are continuing to party with a delusional sense of self importance. Putting their own and others lives at risk is a distant thought for these youngsters.

‘How Covid-19 is altering our conception of citizenship’

As of recent times in the UK, the concept of citizenship was associated with the departure from the European Union (EU). Few realise that actions being taken by governments globally is altering the citizens’ relationship with the state. Government’s responsibility to look after the health of citizens is being assailed by the concept of citizenship, according to an LSE blog. The relationship between personal security and governmental power is the stuff of Hobbesian writing but this article approaches the concept of citizenship from the angle of government responses to public health emergencies in a global context.

‘Is drinking cow urine any help?’

There are a number of quack solutions being offered as corona solutions but this one from India takes the biscuit. People from the Hindu nationalist party are false propagating the message that drinking cow’s urine can help with fighting the virus. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

‘Before virus outbreak, a cascade of warnings went unheeded’

The New York Times sets out a series of prescient warnings which were ignored. In an article that will justify those who have been banging the drum for years about austerity cuts depleting the state’s resilience, the NYT writes about a 2019 report which demonstrated just how ‘underfunded, underprepared and uncoordinated the federal government would be for a life-or-death battle with a virus for which no treatment existed’. It’s a statement that could aptly describe the US and UK governments at this moment in time.


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