How on earth do you motivate yourself?

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Every so often life seems to reach an impasse for me. Days seem to stretch and the next day brings the same old routine. These days and the hours that make them up can be categorized as ‘Boring’. But doesn’t it sound childish to, as an adult, find life boring?

When children say they are bored we tell them to be resourceful, to find something to do as if being bored is a weakness. Doing something and filling your time is presented as the antidote to boredom. Well I have things to do on a list that is as long as my arm and then the other one too but I still feel bored.

For the first time I Googled what the remedies for such a condition would be and have found the following sites. So if boredom afflicts you from time to time the answer seems to be couched around the key words of optimism and positivism.


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