Gloria Steinem says ‘We Need To Get Much Angrier’

Contrasting Pictures Of Anger and Serenity

My first thought when I read that line was that Gloria Steinem can afford to get angry. She is famous and well respected. She can get away with it. The rest of us have to negotiate and advocate for our women’s rights. In other words in the typical female way of apologising before demanding.

As an Asian woman, a further complication, I was taught that it was unladylike to be angry or, indeed, exhibit any other emotion other than demure obedience. Anger? That was the reserved right of the men we disobeyed or unruly children.

So how we do up the ante on demanding equality? Will anger work? On second thoughts, I think collective anger which manifests itself through activism will work. The women in Tahrir Square were angry. The women in Liberia who campaigned for years for peace were angry. The feminists who burned their bras were angry. Anger, therefore, does work.

Let’s all get angry.


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