Will Trump’s appeal to nationalism backfire in the mid-term election?

The New York Times has published an article suggesting that Donald Trump’s appeal to nationalism as the defining factor to sway voters his way may be backfiring. With the elections only a day away now, the newspaper has interviewed middle class Republicans to whom Trump’s race card is anathema. Wealthier Republicans, especially women, do not […]

Obama finally breaks silence to take on Trump days before the mid-term election

Barack Obama, former US President, has finally decided to break cover and campaign for the Democrats days before the mid-term election. Obama’s long held silence, since he left office in January 2017,  over the dismantling of his legacy by the present White House incumbent, Donald Trump, was a sign of the dignity and respect that […]

A delightful Malaysian tea time snack to make with your kids this weekend

These little balls are a gem to make and eat. They are squishy, soft and melt in your mouth. If you like Mochi ( a Japanese style dessert,) you will definitely love this. Loretta Lee who blogs at nyonyarecipe.com has supplied this recipe. She has fond memories of helping her mother make Ondeh Ondeh and remembers […]

“If we’re serious about this campaign, we have to put Brexit at the front” – Rob Blackie’s speech at the London Mayoral hustings

The London Mayoral hustings was held on 31 October. Four candidates are standing for the Lib Dem nomination. I asked  Rob Blackie for permission to publish his speech below. I must confess to being one of those who has not thought it important in the past to give the Lib Dem nomination a second thought, […]