Parents at a nursery laugh at a child’s shorts

What on earth makes people feel that it’s alright to laugh at a little child? It has been reported in a news article about how a four year old boy’s choice of clothing was mocked by other parents at a nursery. Not only is this highly insensitive it’s also cruel behaviour.

Parents really ought to know better. Children at that age, especially, are sensitive and self-conscious. Isn’t there enough going on in the their world without another parent contributing to the negativity which often surrounds childhood?

So here are my suggested rules of being a parent:

  1. Treat other children as you would want your child to be treated. Would you want others laughing at and shaming your child? If you do then please reflect on what the hell is wrong with you.
  2. Let small and older children wear what they want as long as it fulfills any rules set by the academic institution they are attending e.g nursery, school.
  3. Don’t judge other parent’s parenting unless their behaviour is obviously criminal e.g child abuse, cruelty. Call the police in that case. Don’t stand around the school gates gossiping and not doing something about it.
  4. If you are hung up about gender related clothing for children keep your thoughts to yourself. There are many others who aren’t worried like you are.
  5. Just be a good person.
  6. Yes, I am a ‘woke’ parent and, if you are one, then join the fight in your own way to let kids be themselves (within reason-they cannot wear swimwear to school even if it makes them look cool).

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