Would you sit in front of a dart board while darts are being thrown?

This is a New Year message from Halle the Polydactyl cat who joined our family on 1 December aged 10 weeks.

What is a New Year resolution if it doesn’t involve being a disruptive force of sorts? Tough times call for tough action. Make it your New Year’s resolution to be fearless. Take risks. Follow my example and be a disruptor.

I leap in front of the dart board every time a game begins. I run at speed towards the board and hurl myself onto the chair while the dart is whizzing. No one is able to carry on playing while I sit there, watching them in defiance. I seize power in this way, stopping them in their tracks. I, literally, take my life in my paws (all 22 of them) to make a stand.

My message is, ‘I may be all fur but I am a female of substance’.

The dartboard can be a metaphor for any difficult situation in your life that needs confronting. Go on, be a Halle and shake up your comfort zone. Be a disruptor and not a dog. Euugghh.


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