Podcast launch on Southasian feminism

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A brand new series titled ‘Masala Podcast’ is being launched on the 8th of October in London introducing South Asian feminism. While there is no singular way to live as a South Asian women, each of us has an experience to convey, wisdom to impart and a kinship to share.

South Asian feminism is rich in fighting the patriarchy in so many ways – religion, family expectations, gender expectation and, body image, among so many other Asian female centric issues.

I am extremely proud to have been asked to speak on the panel with other distinguished Asian women. Please do come along and help celebrate with us. You don’t have to be South Asian to be part of the sisterhood.


• Asifa Lahore – Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, TV star & LGBT activist

• Bolly Ditz Dolly – South Asian Burlesque performer • Tina Mistry – Psychologist for South Asian mental health

Jane Chelliah – activist & star of Channel 4’s Mums Make Porn

• Cysters Rep – charity for South Asian female reproductive health


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