Reflect on your 2018 achievements

I am a firm believer that you cannot look forward without looking back and taking stock. We are the sum of our experiences. Our psychological DNAs collect our experiences, our joys and disappointments and make and remake us as we go along in life.

Who you become tomorrow depends in part on who you are today.

Before you make your resolutions for 2019 take stock of your achievements gained and made in 2018. The culture of modesty which prevails prevents us from seeing how much we actually accomplish during the course of the year. Nothing is ever too small to count as an achievement.

Did you canvass in a by-election? Did you complete a DIY project? Did you get around to writing to someone whom you have been thinking of for years but never actually did anything about it? Promoted in your job? Spent more time with your family? Developed more patience with your teenager, like me?

If it feels like an achievement to you then it is one. This is your life. You are free to set the criteria for success (within reason). Take pride in whatever it is you accomplished and move forward.

We spend so much of our time thinking about things that we have not done that we lose sight of our successes.

Top of my list of achievements for this year is that I kept my blogging going despite being very ill at the start of the year, sitting for my postgraduate Diploma in the summer and coping with various family issues all through the year. I want to thank my readers for a good year.

Happy New Year. Go celebrate and see in 2019 with hope in your heart and mind.


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